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Construction Cleaning Services

Post-Construction Clean

Following the construction work, the initial post-construction clean is an all-encompassing process. It addresses areas from ceilings to floors, including the interiors of drawers, cupboards, and vents. The main aim is to thoroughly eliminate all remnants of construction, resulting in a space that boasts cleanliness and a dust-free and flawlessly immaculate environment.

Pre-PDI Clean

Following the initial post-construction clean, there comes the post-construction pre-pdi clean. This phase focuses on refining any areas that trades might have revisited, ensuring the space is not only clean but also flawlessly prepared for the upcoming pre-delivery inspection, where pristine presentation is paramount.

Pre-Closing Clean

This cleaning process usually comes after the pre-PDI clean, aligning with a similar scope of work that involves refining any areas that might have gathered dirt during the pre-PDI inspection and from trades in the area. Typically, this serves as the concluding clean before handing over the home to its new owners.

Jobsite Maintenance Clean

Jobsite maintenance is a recurring service tailored to offer contractors and builders complete peace of mind. The objective of this service is to conduct regular rough cleanups at agreed-upon intervals for all houses, effectively eliminating substantial construction debris. This approach ensures a smooth and hassle-free work environment throughout the day.

The Verde Difference

Insured & Bonded

We guarantee every service we offer and are fully insured to protect your home or business.

72-Hour Turnaround

Cleaning can’t always wait, which is why our team is dedicated to an industry-leading three-day window to complete most cleaning projects.

We Supply Everything

Our professional cleaning equipment ensures a faster, cleaner and more efficient experience that allows you to relax.

5-Star Reviews

Don’t just trust us; read what our clients have to say! Our cleaning services are consistently rated as the best in the industry. 

“Thank you for trusting Verde Cleaning with the spaces that mean so much to you. I’ve always loved helping others, and this passion is also instilled in every team member who looks forward to transforming your spaces into the comfortable, welcoming and sparkling spaces you need. We can’t wait to help you soon.”

Rolies | General Manager


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