Pre-Closing Clean

Pre-Closing Cleaning Services for Home Builders and Contractors

After the initial post-construction clean, where the bulk of the cleaning takes place, and the pre-PDI clean, which serves as the first touch-up, we present our pre-closing clean – the ultimate clean before handing over the home to its new owner.

Our pre-closing clean mirrors the pre-PDI clean, encompassing a comprehensive touch-up across all surfaces. This meticulous process ensures the home is in optimal condition, setting the stage for a pleasant and welcoming move-in day.

Place your trust in Ontario’s cleaning experts to collaborate on your cleaning requirements, be it for a single project or multiple ventures. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to discuss your specific needs or to arrange a site tour.

Pre-Closing Clean Details

Time on Location: To be determined – contact us. 
Starting at: To be determined – contact us. 
Recommended Frequency: To be determined – contact us. 


Verde Cleaning is here to delight you with a meticulously cleaned home, from ceiling to floor. Learn about our value-added services here.

The Verde Difference

Insured & Bonded

We guarantee every service we offer and are fully insured to protect your home or business.

72-Hour Turnaround

Cleaning can’t always wait, which is why our team is dedicated to an industry-leading three-day window to complete most cleaning projects.

We Supply Everything

Our professional cleaning equipment ensures a faster, cleaner and more efficient experience that allows you to relax.

5-Star Reviews

Don’t just trust us; read what our clients have to say! Our cleaning services are consistently rated as the best in the industry. 

“Thank you for trusting Verde Cleaning with the spaces that mean so much to you. I’ve always loved helping others, and this passion is also instilled in every team member who looks forward to transforming your spaces into the comfortable, welcoming and sparkling spaces you need. We can’t wait to help you soon.”

Rolies | General Manager


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